INW Properties


My name is Dan Austin, I’m a real estate investor from Spokane, Washington.  I purchased my first rental property in 2016 with the goal everyone begins with, to have passive income, and fell in love with the process of improving the neighborhoods in my hometown. Since I began, I have been part of 100+ transactions either through flipping, renting, or assigning the contract.

I don’t come from a long line of real estate investors or entrepreneurs for that matter.  From the beginning of my real estate investment career, I have taken my personal growth and development into my own hands through podcasts, books, mentors, and lots of trial and error.  Like any great thing, it started with a small spark, and it was up to me to blaze my own trail.

My goal is simple, I want to be a driving force in the growth and restoration of the Inland Northwest.   I’m a Spokane native and heavily invested in sustaining the vitality of the city.

I’m constantly working to find more projects and grow my network. If you are interested in working together on a project or learning more about investing, then feel free to reach out.